I look around to that power that maybe in South Africa’s corporate and public sector and I reach the aforementioned conclusion. Why is it that the economy in SA is growing so poorly? Who is to blame? – is it the government or the private sector or both?  Where are the voices of reason and insight that should be championing the cause and movement for the revolution of our economy? (We cannot debate the fact that our economy is in dire straits when it should be growing at a better rate)

Many of our so called leaders are happy to sit in their glass and gold-plated offices and continue to earn their comfortable salaries, with chosen oblivion of the sliding economic situation in our country. The long term future for them does not seem to bother much; after all they will not be here and would be living on their plush pensions and other benefits.  That employee who is working very hard on the ground, by the time he has an opportunity to lead the same organisation, it would have been reduced to nothing. What is a leader when you can’t actually lead?

We need leaders who are not afraid to speak their mind and follow with action against corruption   and mediocre performance in their multiple forms emanating from both corporate and public sector. Leaders who have a knack of foresight and vision, taking their followers and the market into the future. Leaders who are ready to break new frontiers. Courageous leaders who are willing to engage in taking SA to double digits economic growth. For heaven’s lets more SA companies start to buy into and own international companies. Let’s really expand to Africa and the world! Leaders who are passionate about the future of this country – I can hardly count them on my fingers unfortunately. We have a lot of managers, some of who are just lazy leaders.

This is a clarion call to all who can make a difference – and all can make a difference to stop the dangerous downward slide of our economy. Do it in your own way, join forces with someone, but whatever you do, do something!

Aaaah South Africa!!!  DO SOMETHING !!!!


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